Another WOBHC In The Books

After a long weekend of ball hockey in Barrie at this year’s WOBHC, the Barrie Flyers unfortunately did not come away with the desired results.

For the ‘A’ division team, they suffered massive setbacks with the loss of Randy Kelly (C) and Tyson Clark to injury during the very first game. With the loss of such key players, the ‘A’ team faced an uphill battle the rest of the weekend.

After suffering an opening night loss to the Niagara War Pigs, the Flyers came out for a hard-fought battle against the reigning WOBHC Champions in the Toronto Leafs on Saturday morning. A back and forth battle took place, that saw an intense end with a last second goal, resulting in a Flyers’ win, 5-4.

The next round robin game came against the Penn Hills Arsenal, of Pennsylvania. The Flyers weren’t able to get much going and ultimately fell 5-2 to the American team.

To close out the round robin games, the Flyers had to face the Barrie Hitmen, who plucked many players from around the ball hockey scene for this year’s tournament. Having gotten behind early, the Flyers were able to get back into the game, and both teams battled into a 4-4 tie.

Heading into Sunday, and the way the points had been accumulated through the course of the games, the Flyers were forced to wait out the final round robin games and their results before seeing if they moved on. The chips did not fall the Flyers’ way, and unfortunately did not make it onto the elimination games along with two other teams.

As for the ‘B’ team, they sailed through the round robin games on Friday and Saturday, going 3-0 while allowing zero goals against. After all was said and done, the Flyers ‘B’ squad finished with the second seed out of 34 teams with 14.5 points out of a possible 15.

The Flyers drew the Niagara Hitmen for the first of their elimination games on Sunday morning. Having never been tested, the ‘B’ team was forced to clean up their mistakes and battle to ensure a victory, ending 3-2.

Next, the opponent was the Toronto H.O.F, winners of the ‘C’ division the previous year. In what turned out to be a very close game, it took 3 rounds of a shoot-out before Wyatt Chesson and goalie Clint Hartley were able to help the Flyers secure a win.

In the semi-final game, the Flyers faced Niagara Most Wanted, a mix of some experienced St. Catherine’s area players and a few ‘A’ players. After a poorly taken penalty to start the game, the Flyers quickly fell behind, relinquishing a power play goal to go down 1-0.

While pressuring for much of the game, the Flyers were simply not able to capitalize on their chances, and the game slowly slipped away, resulting in a 4-1 loss and the end of the tournament for the ‘B’ team.

As much as the weekend didn’t turn out quite the way the players of both teams wanted, the one thing that made it a win was the great show of support from all the teammates, friends, families, and fans that came out to cheer us on. Donning Flyers’ hats and shirts, and making signs, as well as the friends and family that ran the BBQ all weekend, it was a fantastic tournament.

A big shout out and thank you to everyone that was a part of it, and hopefully we see everyone again soon!

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