WOBHC Schedules Released

Schedules for the upcoming World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships have been released! In 5 days time, both the Barrie Flyers ‘A’ team, and Barrie Flyers ‘B’ team will try and make their mark on what looks to be another tough tournament.

The ‘A’ team will look to advance to the elimination games this year, after facing some tough injuries last year and just missing out. There will be few surprises this year, as familiar foes dominate the team list for the ‘A’ division, as all are returnees from last year’s event.

The ‘B’ team faces an interesting task, as the ‘B’ division has a staggering 40 teams competing this year! Having run out of gas the last two years in the semi-finals, the ‘B’ team will welcome several new faces and look to improve and finally get over that semi-final hump.

Barrie Flyers ‘A’ & ‘B’ Schedules
Official ‘A’ Division Schedule
Official ‘B’ Division Schedule


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