Author: Matt DiVito

WOBHC Schedules Released

Schedules for the upcoming World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships have been released! In 5 days time, both the Barrie Flyers ‘A’ team, and Barrie Flyers ‘B’ team will try and make their mark on what looks to be another tough tournament.

The ‘A’ team will look to advance to the elimination games this year, after facing some tough injuries last year and just missing out. There will be few surprises this year, as familiar foes dominate the team list for the ‘A’ division, as all are returnees from last year’s event.

The ‘B’ team faces an interesting task, as the ‘B’ division has a staggering 40 teams competing this year! Having run out of gas the last two years in the semi-finals, the ‘B’ team will welcome several new faces and look to improve and finally get over that semi-final hump.

Barrie Flyers ‘A’ & ‘B’ Schedules
Official ‘A’ Division Schedule
Official ‘B’ Division Schedule



Congratulations to the Barrie Flyers Masters on coming away with the Ontario Provincial Championship this weekend!

The team went undefeated throughout the tournament and battled a hard fought game to capture the gold medal and a spot in next year’s 2018 Nationals.

Up next for the team is competing in this year’s National tournament in St. John’s, New Brunswick beginning on August 9th.


Barrie Flyers Grow

President Randy Kelly is honoured to announce a new addition to the Barrie Flyers franchise:

“Effective immediately, the Barrie C4 Masters ball hockey team has officially signed on with us and will now play under the name Barrie Flyers Masters. It is their many years of dedication, respect for the game, and on floor success that makes this partnership a win-win situation for everyone within the Flyers organization. We look forward to seeing their new jersey design out on the floor and wish them nothing but success in the years to come… welcome to the family.”

The team history for the newly-added Barrie Flyers Masters is extensive and includes:

  • Core members representing Canada at the World Master Championships in Tampa, Florida.
  • Barre C4 winning the Provincial Championships in 2015, qualifying them for the 2016 National Championships.
  • Having a great debut season in the O31 Vaughn Masters Division with a 10-2-2 record
  • Bronze medal finish at the National Championships.

You can read a more detailed history here.

Moving on in 2017, our Barrie Flyers Masters have another busy and competitive year on their schedule. They will be starting play back in the O31 Vaughan Masters Division this April, participating in the OBHF Provincials in July, and have once again qualified for this year’s CBHA National Championships being held in Saint John, New Brunswick.

We look forward in following them on their journey and will make sure they have the full support of the Barrie Flyers community.